Rotosound Ultramag UM9 Electric Guitar Strings

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Rotosound UltraMag are the latest string offering from British string manufacturers Rotosound and wound with Alloy 52 - a unique blend of 52% Nickel and 48% Iron.

Alloy 52 has a higher magnetic content than traditional nickel strings helping to deliver more output, volume and sustain.  Not to mention the added benefit of longer string life.

The wrap material also has a low coefficient of friction helping to improve tuning stability no matter the environment you find yourself playing in.  

Rotosound materials expert, John Doughty, explained the science behind the strings;

“With a composition of 52% Nickel and 48% iron, this highly magnetic string will certainly accentuate those middles and lows over their steel counterparts. Designed for use in the aerospace industry and high-end electronics, the low coefficient of expansion will help maintain tuning in wide-ranging environments. With its corrosion resistant properties and its unique blend of sound, it is a truly a string for the discerning player seeking that extra tonal character.”

Guages 9, 11, 16, 24, 32,42

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