Joyo JDI-01 DI Box with Amp Simulation for Acoustic or Electric Guitar

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JOYO JDI-01 is a modern and efficient DI box from JOYO Audio. It features the best of guitar cabinet simulation, a ground lift switch and a balanced XLR output that makes it an ideal choice for either the studio or the stage. The DI box is made from diecast aluminium with a very attractive blue-sparkle, high-gloss finish that coats the chassis.

The connectors are all very sturdy, as are the switches on the side panel. The JDI-01 gets the job done when it comes to signal conversion, offering all you'd expect from a DI box. Valuable and packed full of useful features, the JDI-01 takes your guitar or amp signal to the next level (balanced output and various input options).


  • Clean sounding DI box with amp simulation
  • 4x12 Guitar Cab (speaker simulation) switch
  • 15k Ohm IN, 600 Ohm balanced XLR OUT
  • Ground lift switch, 9V DC and +48V Phantom Power
  • Connect to amp's speaker out for line level conversion


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