Fender Acoustic Junior Amp

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The Fender Acoustic Junior Acoustic Amp produces beautiful acoustic tones which will capture your guitar's natural tone and bring it to life. It features two channels for guitar and vocals, so you can sing and play at the same time. There's also an array of tonal controls, including a three-band EQ and multiple built-in effects, so you can really make your tunes stand out. It's compact, portable, but most importantly, looks super classy. And that's just the beginning - this amp has some nifty tricks up its sleeve.


  • Powerful and portable two-channel amplifier
  • Perfect for both acoustic guitar and vocal mic use
  • Packed full of studio quality reverb and modulation effects
  • Bluetooth wireless streaming
  • On-board 60-second looper
  • 100 Watts of output power
  • Perfect for solo performances
  • USB connectivity allows you to record directly your PC or Mac
  • Line Out sockets for each channel make the amp ideal for larger venues and recording in Mono or Stereo

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