MXR JHW4 Authentic Hendrix '69 Psych Band of Gypsys Fuzz Mini Pedal

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The Authentic Hendrix ’69 Psych Series features the most iconic stompbox effects used by Jimi Hendrix in a more pedalboard-friendly form than ever—MXR mini housings, emblazoned with super trippy artwork from award-winning UK- based design crüe ILOVEDUST.

Over the course of '69 & '70, Jimi Hendrix appeared at his most noted live appearances-Live at Woodstock, Live at Berkeley, and Live at the Fillmore East-using a mysterious red Fuzz Face Distortion with white knobs. That fuzz box sounded like a completely different animal from any of the other Fuzz Face pedals in Jimi's arsenal, snarling with a far more aggressive, biting tone.

The pedal itself has been lost to history, but its unmistakably unique tone lives on in the recordings of those three iconic shows, and Hendrix aficionados have tried to cop that sound for years. We are happy to say that their tonal quest can finally come to a glorious end.


  • Product: Dunlop Authentic Hendrix '69 Psych Band Of Gypsys Fuzz Mini
  • LED: Yes
  • Housing: Mini MXR
  • True Bypass Switching: Yes
  • Power: 9 Volt Power Jack
  • Design: UK Based Award Winning ILOVEDUST Creation
  • Controls:
    • Tone
    • Output
    • Fuzz

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