Marshall RG1 Regenerator Modulation Pedal

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The Marshall RG-1 Regenerator is a Modulation pedal that features Chorus, Flanger and Phaser. A pretty comprehensive range of classic guitar effects. Marshall, the biggest selling brand of guitar amplifiers in our Glasgow shop, also make some great effects.
Marshall RG-1 Regenerator includes Chorus, Flanger and Phaser.

You get six different modes on the Marshall RG-1 Regenerator. Two different Chorus effects, a Flanger, Phaser, Step Phaser and a Vibrato. Quite a lot in a single compact stomp box. These are all classic modulation effects. What is really incredible about this pedal is the price. It is a bit of a bargain! There are two stand-out effects on the Marshall RG 1 Regenerator. The Vibrator and the Step Phaser steel the show. You can gain extra control via the use of an expression pedal. The overall sound of each can be controlled with speed, depth and regenerator knobs.

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