Fender PT100 Tuner

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Pedal tuners are an integral part of the live guitarists rig. The Fender PT100 is a sturdy, die-cast pedal with a clear blue LED display, which makes mid-set tuning a breeze. While clip on or app based tuners might be fine when you're in the studio or at home, on stage and working with other musicians it's nearly impossible to get the other guitarist to stop playing long enough for you to tune up properly. With a plug in tuner you can quickly, quietly and accurately tune your guitar however you want it.

The Fender PT 100 is an update of the industry standard PT10 pedal tuner. An easy-to-read LED note indicator has replaced the note indicating LED bar. As an additional upgrade, the flat/sharp LEDs have been changed from red to blue for a more modern look. It's like having the PT10 and ST1 in one tuner!

  • PT100 Pedal Tuner
  • Heavy-Duty die cast housing
  • Bright LED indicators for accurate tuning
  • Large LED note indicator
  • 2 OUT jacks (one jack acts as a 'Mute')
  • 9v (PP3) battery operation (battery not included)
  • 9v AC in (Adapter not Included)

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