TC Electronic Shaker Vibrato

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A shimmy and a shake, the TC Electronic Shaker Vibrato is definitely nothing to shake a stick at! In fact - we reckon it might be one of the coolest little vibrato pedals we've ever seen!

With detailed control over the style of your vibrato, you can create everything from a very subtle shimmery chorus-effect to a full on stuttering wobble. You can even delay the amount of time before the effect kicks in, or only have it kick in when you hold down the switch (latch mode) so you can simulate an accurate hand vibrato and use your 'vibe' for cool, sudden vibrato effects. For those that love their vibrato, shake your wallet out and gather the pennies to put towards a TC Shaker pedal. You won't regret it!

Time to shake things up with this awesome vibrato! This beauty features the all-new TonePrint technology, giving you instant access to custom pedal tweaks made by world famous guitarists as well as all the good vibes you could ever need!

Shaker Vibrato features two types of vibrato: a classic true pitch vibrato and 'latch mode' where the effect is only active when you press and hold the switch. This allows for subtle vibrato and faux-whammy bar effects without you having to tap dance all night. Of course, Shaker Vibrato has a true bypass design and features Speed, Depth, Tone and Rise Time controls. Finally, this pedal sports an easy-access battery hatch, the highest-grade components and a small footprint.

  • TonePrint - instant access to custom pedal tweaks made by your idols!
  • 2 vibrato types - choose your favorite flavor shake
  • True Bypass - zero loss of tone
  • Speed, Depth, Rise-time and Level controls - for tonal options from subtle buzz to full-on
  • earthquake
  • Spillover on/off - super-smooth and natural transitions between sounds
  • Easy battery access - makes changing batteries fun (well, almost)
  • Small footprint - save precious pedal board space
  • High-quality components - only the best will do when it comes to tone
  • Road-ready design - ready to follow you wherever your playing takes you

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