Orange AD30HTC 2 Channel Class A Valve Head (Ex Display)

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All valve, 30 watt, channel switching head. Our flagship “British voiced” amp. The AD30 sports two dual stage channels with completely separate signal paths. The result is two vintage amps in one. Channel One has a thick, creamy, classic voice that barks like a rottweiler when pushed in to the tone zone. Channel Two has a tighter, springy and slightly faster character with a little more upper mids and a bit more gain. This amp has proved to be so popular worldwide that its specification remains unchanged. It is fast becoming the new world standard for 30 watt Class A valve amplifiers.

  • Channel 1: Gain / Volume / Bass / Middle / Treble
  • Channel 2: Gain / Volume / Bass / Middle / Treble
  • Features: Twin Channel (Footswitchable)
  • Output: 30 Watts Class A
  • Valves: Preamp:4 x ECC83, Output: 4 x EL84 , Rectifier: G234 / 5AR4
  • Speaker Out: (1) 16 Ohm, 2 (8) Ohm
  • Dimensions: (W x H x D) 66x54x30cm, 26×21.25×11.8in
  • Weight: 38kg/83lb

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