Joyo JF-03 Crunch Distortion Pedal

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The JOYO JF-03 crunch distortion effects pedal is a true dream to work with as a lead guitarist or a rhythm player who requires a second level of gain, particularly for songs featuring sections with multiple distortion parts.

Features true bypass wiring, quality components. A tone monster/arena rock pedal. Designed to replicate sound of the marshall crunch gain stage. Simple design and pedal interface, comes with 9V. Tone, gain and volume. Anything from a brillaint clean boost to the sound of a Full Stack crancked up and everything in between, it's all at your fingertips with the Crunch Distortion!

  • Input impedance: 500 kω
  • Output impedance: 10 kω
  • Running current: 8 mA
  • Voltage: 9V battery/adapter
  • Dimension: 120 x 72 x 55 mm
  • Net weight: 290g
  • Color: red

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