Hofner Contemporary Series Violin Bass Antique Brown Sunburst

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The new contemporary series basses from Hofner are based on the models that this world famous guitar manufacturer made during the ´60s, '70s and ´80s.

Don't be fooled by the contemporary series though, these basses are not just collectors' items to be hung on the wall to look pretty...they're designed for the tough live performance of today's guitarist with the classic style of yesteryear.

The iconic styling of the Violin Bass ...Paul McCartney has played one for over 30 years!...has made this bass one of the most popular models in the series. It offers the famous Hofner bass-sound in an alternative cutaway design. Featuring original Hofner 'Staple-Top' pickups, a center block to improve sustain, floating tailpiece and wooden bridge...you can't really get more authentic than the Violin Bass. This guitar is finished in an attractive Antique Brown Sunburst...a must for any Beatles loving bassists!

  • Pickups: Hofner Staple-Top pickups

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