Fender Texas Special Tele Pick Ups

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Fender Custom Shop Texas Special Tele pickups are built to produce blistering hot output, along with noticeable presence and midrange. The nickel/silver cover on the neck pickup helps produce clear, warm Tele tone in true Texas fashion.

Tonal Characteristics
  • Over-wound enamel-coated magnet wire increases output
  • Staggered polepieces balance volume and output across every string
  • Alnico 5 magnets add more focus and enhanced dynamics

  • Neck Output Rating (Bass/Mid/Treble): 9/6/6
  • Bridge Output Rating (Bass/Mid/Treble): 4/6/7
  • Neck DC Resistance: 9.5k ohms
  • Bridge DC Resistance: 10.5k ohms
  • Neck Inductance: 3.3 henries
  • Bridge Inductance: 3.95 henries