Chord 174.749 Vibrato Bridge Including Tremolo

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Steel electric guitar bridge with individual string saddles adjustable for height and length. Baseplate is attached to a sustain block and is supplied with a 6mm threaded vibrato arm, pull-claw and 3 tensioning springs to form a vintage style vibrato system.

  • All fixing screws included
  • Hex key included for saddle adjustment

  • Bridge Assembly Dimensions: 83 x 43 x 49mm
  • Bridge Assembly Weight: 160g
  • Vibrato Arm Dimensions: 176 x 43 x 20mm
  • Vibrato Arm Weight: 33g
  • Spring Weight: 10g
  • Claw Dimensions: 46 x 22 x 12mm
  • Claw Weight: 12g

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