NUX PG-1 Guitar Effects Processor, Tuner and Metronome

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One small box of tricks but one enormnous amount of power! The NUX PG-1 is a great value guitar effects pedal in one ruggedly built box that offers at least 6 conventional effects pedals for the price of one - it even does more! The fully controllable effects include all the standard effects any guitarist needs from Distortion to Flanger to Reverb to Delay but the NUX PG-1 offers even more! There is a fully Chromatic tuner so the PG-1 can be used to tune any electronic instrument with any tunings.

The built in metronome can be set to any tempo but if you don't know the tempo simply tap the beat of the track you are listening to into the NUX and the box will tell you the tempo for future practice. If you are learning your band's new song or simply want to jam along to a favourite track plug the your mp3 or CD player into the box via the Aux in and off you go. The NUX-1 runs off batteries (supplied) or mains adaptor (not supplied)

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